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mnml by CocaineMonster
LS inspired by the new Xperia Z5. 
LS: Cataracs for GroovyLock - I edited it to make it black / Oneplus2 fingerprint LockGlyph / Lithium Droidy status bar icons / custom made wallpaper to add black status bar
HS: Gotham Glyphs icons / custom made wallpaper
Leave A Trace by CocaineMonster
Leave A Trace
Okay. This is the first time I've ever tried presenting screenshots in a perspective way. I think I did a good job, considering. Not perfect, but it's my fave so far. 
Anything you wanna know, ask. 
//BADLANDS by CocaineMonster
Ok, so I know this isn't my best work but it's a start. The last time I customized was when I owned that first Galaxy S. Since that, I was on Windows for like 3 years. After finally owning and jailbreaking my iPhone, this is my current theme/setup. 

Whatever you want, just ask.
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Hello everyone who might read this. It's been a long time since I've done anything on my DA. Ever since I switched to Windows Phone back in 2012, the only reason I came to DA was to look for wallpapers and such, seeing as how WP doesn't have customization beyond tile color and such.

Lately, I've really been thinking about phone companies, operating systems, updates and availability. I've always disliked the iPhone and maybe a little bit envied it because it's almost always first to get apps/updates and stuff. I've come to realize that Apple really thought this through and made the best business plan not to put its OS on ANY other device but its own. And that is where Android and WP really messed up.

You know, you give your OS to so many different manufacturers and they put their software stuff on top of that and then it just weighs it down (more so with Android than WP) and it doesn't feel as raw, I guess you can say. So after that, comes the updating. A new OS update is available, but only certain devices, then only certain carriers, then they completely ignore other versions of the phone. There's no priority or plan it seems like. Yesterday, a "Windows 10 for phones" preview was available on, again, a select few devices...and the thing is MOST of the Windows phones haven't even been updated to LAST generation's OS. Seriously?

Another thing Apple really did right, was they never put out more than 2 devices PER year. They keep updating as many devices, going back generations, as much as possible. They make their devices for ALL carriers in pretty much every country. With the Lumia 1020 I currently own, it was a pain in the ass to get, because 1) it wasn't available in the US right off the bat, then once it was, it was  ONLY available for one specific carrier (which sucks). Same with the 920 before it. Even now, most Lumia (and other WP) devices aren't available in the US or a lot of other countries.

The next point is apps. I know that's always been THE breaking point when people talk about WP. After using this platform for 3 years now, I see why it concerns people and I see why it's a make or break. When (and if) we finally DO get an app that's on iOS and Android, it's half assed. It's buggy, it looks bad, it doesn't have the same features and then they never update it once they give it to us (OR even worse, is you have to pay for it, when it's free on the other platforms).

So in the end, I'm ready to move on. I'm ready for a TRULY unified smartphone experience. I used to think that having a Windows Phone was having a unified experience, until I ran into availability and updating issues, lack of support, app gap, etc.
So if you couldn't tell by now, I'm making the switch. I've been reading up, watching videos, reviews, etc on the latest iPhone 6+ and I think I'm ready to ditch Windows Phone for another OS journey. I feel like I'll be happier. I won't have to worry about missing out on an update, or not being able to get the phone because of carrier availability. Not to mention, it's a step up in hardware from my current phone (camera debatable lol).

I'm really getting over the whole fan-boy mentality (at least when it comes to phones :P ), little by little. I'm trying to open my mind and figure out what is right for me and how I will use it day to day. I'll admit that since being on WP (up until recently), I was super biased against any other OS that wasn't Windows Phone. To the point where I was even biased, based on the manufacturer, even if it had WP on it lol. So I'm trying to cleanse myself from that state of mind.

THAT SAID, once I doooo get my new phone, I will probably be posting customization stuff again, because once jailbroken there's tons of themes and tweaks to mess with. I've seen some amazing looking setups from iOS on here.

Can't wait to start a new journey.
See ya, guys!


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